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Hey There!! Today in this article you will find the Chase Bank Routing Number for the 23 different states of United States. Not only this below we have also added the necessary details regarding the Chase Bank Customer Support Services and Credit Card Services.

Here, you will find the complete manual of solutions concerning your every kind of query relating to all the issues. A special feature is provided here on the site where you can easily copy your code by a single click, which basically ends the chances of copying the wrong number for your transaction. 

Chase Bank Routing Numbers

Chase Bank which was established by John Thompson in 1877 is one of the 15 largest banks in the U.S. having an asset value of $2.53 trillion according to the latest report of a financial industry research firm, S&P Global Market Intelligence. Being the largest bank it has the huge network of users as compared to others. This site is just created to target such number of customers to resolve their day to day troubles.

At the time of making a payment online or by phone, users often are asked for Routing transit number or an ABA Routing number including various other details.

But many of us are unaware of this banking terms and attributes essential for processing the transactions. For the sake of convenience this site update you with the complete basic knowledge and provides for the Chase bank routing number of the different states thereof. Going through the below article you will find all the relevant information and some interesting facts too.

What is Routing Number?

The opening of different bank accounts takes place in different regions. A various number of transactions are carried out in this banks in a divergent manner.

But we often think What makes them distinct from each other” “How the one check of a bank is differentiated from the other” ?? It is none other than what we called a Routing Number. So, What is it?

Bank Routing number is basically a nine-digit number that states the bank location in the U.S. where your account was originally opened.  Being this system is developed by the American Bankers Association in 1910 therefore, Routing Number is also referred to as Routing Transit Number (RTN) and  American Bankers Association (ABA) number.

It act as an Identification number for the location of Banks situated in a particular region as the Routing number of one bank is dissimilar that from the other.

This code has to be often frequently used by the users while making online payments or by phones. Moreover, it is required for processing the Fed-wire fund transfers, bill payments or making direct deposits processed by the Automated Clearinghouse. However, Routing Number is necessary for the Federal Reserve Banks to process other such automated transfers.

Ways To Find Routing Number

Since RTN is mandatory in numbers of transactions. It is essential for us to have a correct one for carrying out daily banking activities. There are various ways through which it can be obtained as mentioned below:- 

Using Bank Account Check

One of the ways to obtain RTN is through your Personal Bank Account Check. There are three things which are provided on the bottom left corner of a bank check i.e, Bank Routing Number surrounded by “ı:“, Bank Account number and the check serial number respectively. As shown in the image below.

Chase Bank Routing Number on Check

In the above image, you can see the Routing number or the ABA number which is 123456789 surrounded by “ı:“. It’s always the left-most number. This is how the Routing number can be seen on your check. To the right of it, the nine-digit number written is your personal account number. At last, the four digits which are shown next to the account number is the check number. This is the identification number of the check. A check can be unlike the other because of this number only.

As mentioned above, how this three numbers appear in an order but sometimes the checking account number and check serial number are presented in a reverse order as displayed in the image below.

Check Routing Number Chase Bank

In the above image, it has been clearly shown that the check number and the account number are placed in the reverse order. Well, this occurred in some cases rarely. The only difference between both of the cases is the placement of account number and check number in a reversal order. Since, the order which is shown in the first image occurred most probably.

In the process of making an online payment, you have to provide both Bank routing number and your account number. RTN is thereby required in order for an
ACH (Automated Clearinghouse) system while making online transactions. You can find both Routing number and Account number on the left bottom of your account check as mentioned above. The account number can also be traced out through the monthly statement.

Often, you must assure the accuracy of the numbers. Any single mistake in mentioning both the number can automatically reject the payment.

Through Online Banking

Your Chase Bank RTN can also be obtained using the online banking system. You just need to follow some simple steps as given:-

  1. Login to your Online Banking system by entering the required details i.e, the user ID and the password for your Chase Bank Account.
  2. Select the My Account option and navigate to the Account details page.
  3. Then, scroll to the account information section in the account details page.
  4. Routing number can be conveniently located from that section.

This is the way through which you can locate your routing number by the means of online banking. Just follow the above-mentioned steps with congruency above.

Through mobile app

Just login to the Chase bank Mobile App and select your account thereof. Scroll to the account summary tab and routing number for the required region can be found there.

Using Bank monthly statement

You can also determine your Bank routing number through the monthly statement. Bank monthly statement is sent by the bank at the end of every month by the means of email or other media sources. RTN can be easily located through it. At the top right column of your monthly statement, you will find your account number. From the 3 and 4 digit of your account number, routing number can be ascertained.

Chase Bank Routing Numbers

Comparatively, these ways are quite complicated to work out. As you have to keep various things in mind while practicing them. So, why to do that much efforts when the data is available easily to you on this site which you can also save for future use. Do explore through the chart below and you will find the Routing number for the required region like Chase Routing Number California, Florida, Texas, New York etc.

Requisite Chase Bank Routing Number will be straightforwardly copied to your clipboard just by pressing the button aside it. You don’t need to make any extra effort to copy it. Click the COPY BUTTON and paste the copied code at the designated place and make your transactions smoothly.

other states

Routing Transit Number
New Jersey
New York – Downstate
West Virginia

As told you earlier, the Bank routing number has a very eminent role in carrying out the daily transactions and making them easy by identifying the regional transactions. However, different financial institutions have different routing number for the online and the paper transactions.

Further, RTN provided on the check might be different from the one required for performing wire transfers. So, one must ensure the accuracy of routing number before carrying out the money transfer. You can check from the table provided above. Often, the credibility of the routing numbers provided here cannot be doubted.

Do Routing number changes from the branch to branch?

Indeed, different branches of Chase Bank has a different Routing number. But you can found it for your specific branch through its official website. If you know the postal code of your area and can get the specified Routing number of your branch from the chart above in just a few seconds.

Do You Know? The Bank Routing Number was designed originally for the purpose of sorting and bundling out the paper check revert to check writer’s account.

With the development of the new payment methods, for facilitating accommodation the system was expanded.

Chase Bank Routing Number Texas

Texas is among the most popular state in the United States. You can get Chase Bank Routing number for texas by directly clicking here.

You can get chase bank texas locations here only.

Chase Bank Routing Number Florida

You can get the Chase Bank Routing Number for Florida right here by clicking this link.

You can also get Florida chase bank locations here

Chase Bank Arizona Routing Number

Get the Chase Bank Arizona Routing number here only.

You can also get the locations of Chase bank of Arizona here.

Chase Bank Customer Services

Here, you will find every relevant detail about the Chase Bank Customer Support. Customer service is the one which is provided generally by all three sectors. In case, of Financial institutions, this service is provided in the form of solving upcoming queries, some doubtful situations or dealing with new technology.

In the customer-oriented world where Customer is the Kingpin, almost half of America’s households are served by the Chase Bank through a wide range of financial services like processing of loans and payments for small businesses, investment advice, auto financing and including personal banking such as credit cards.

Chase Bank Customer Support Service

The main aim of customer service provided by any banking companies or financial institutions is to make their customer comfortable with the banking services and to fill up them with a feeling of satisfaction. Since, we all are living in a dynamic world and the U.S. is a developed country, every day you will acknowledge some technological advancement and innovation in your surroundings.

Similarly, in the case of Chase Bank. Being the topmost Bank in the U.S., making some alterations at regular intervals is the demand of nature. But the fact is that alterations are made just to make your banking experience easier. Therefore, the Chase Bank Customer Service is there to make its every user familiar with this alteration or some advancement in the mechanism.

But now the eminent question arises that “How can you contact them, “What are their timings”,
“How to avail the online customer service facility”?

Hereby, You will get the contact number to which you can directly contact them to solve your query. Further, answers to some queries which are generally faced by the users of Chase Bank are bestowed here for your comfort.

Chase Bank Customer Service Numbers

You can contact on this number for all queries related to your banking activities. In both the cases either you are a U.S. resident or not, contact numbers are provided here respectively.

US Resident                  1-800-242-7338
Not a US Resident          1-713-262-3300

So, this is the way through which you can contact them and get the solutions of your frequent queries in just some seconds. You are just required to follow the instructions provided by the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) afterward a clear solution is provided for the requisite issue.

Chase Credit Card Services

Fundamentals of Customer Service and Chase Bank Customer Service are disclosed to you above. But many of you must be unaware that special provisions are also made in the Customer Service.

What is this special provision?   As time is a most precious resource and no one wants to waste it while gossiping with customer service. Therefore, specified numbers are provided here for handling your required query, this will not only solve your query but also retain your time.

Being the Chase Bank user, almost every one of you is aware of the Credit Card and its uses. The credit card is a source through which a customer raises credit from the bank by the means of a card. For this, the bank charges some fees in the form of issued amount and interest on the amount raised.

Chase Bank Credit Cards

A number of credit card services are provided by the Chase Bank including 
Chase Freedom®,   Chase Sapphire Preferred®,  Chase Freedom Unlimited® , also propounding number of cash back and bonuses to their customers.
Through the contact number, users can ascertain the various about them. Further, you can resolve issues related to the Chase Bank Credit Card and can clear your mind from clouded doubts. Moreover, you can check about some latest offers over its official website.

Below, presented various contact numbers for resolving general and special queries.

Chase Bank Credit Card Customer Service Number

Query DetailsContact Number
Credit Card Payment By Phone1-800-436-7958


Personal Credit Cards1-800-432-3117
Business Credit Cards1-888-269-8690


Personal Credit Cards1-302-594-8200
Business Credit Cards1-480-350-7099

You can contact on this numbers regarding your queries either you are a U.S. resident or not.
Here, are some frequently asked questions by the Chase Bank users from the customer support. Have a look, they might be helpful to you. Surely, you will get the satisfactory answer if you do have a similar query. This will let you save your time from babbling with the customer support.

Chase Bank FAQ

Here, you will find the bifurcation of different queries regarding the Chase Bank Credit Card.

Password or PIN
Some, common question related to the troubles arising from the PIN or password of Credit Card.

Question. What should you do, in case you forgot the Username or Password of your credit card?

Answer. Just select the option Forgot Username/ Password on your sign in screen, then follow the given instructions. In case of any failure just contact the number behind the back of your card.

Question. How should I request PIN (Personal identification number) of my credit card?

Please call at 1-800-297-4970 and follow the instructions provided by the automated system to request a PIN. Please call 1-800-955-8060, if you use TTY support.

Question. How to reset the PIN for my credit card?

Answer.  Please call at 1-800-297-4970 to change your PIN. You can call 1-800-955-8060, if you use TTY support.

Card Replacement

The queries which are raised relating to replacement, expiry or renewal of credit card are as mentioned below.

Question. How can the verification of receipt of my credit card be done?

Answer.  Click on verify card to make sure that you have received your credit card.

Question. What should I do when my credit card is stolen or lost?

Answer.  Please call right away at 1-800-955-9060, if you have a doubt that someone has used your credit card.

Question. How to request a new card in case, the old one is damaged?

Answer.  Click on the target Replace Card, and follow the given instructions. In case of any issues, call the number on the back of your card.

Question. What should I do if your credit card is due to expire?

Answer.  In case your credit card is expired, the new credit is sent by the bank to you in that month. In case, you find any issues over there call the number on the back of your credit card.

Above, you find some questions regarding the PIN and password of your credit card and some cases of its renewal and expiry with their respective answers. You need not roam anywhere else to resolve your query as you get all solutions in hand here. This will not only save your time but also provide you with an alternative to resolve your trouble. Since, there is no doubt over the credibility of this site, you should be carefree regarding the accuracy of the solutions provided here.

Chase Bank ATM Services

You will be updated on this site with every basic and relevant detail about the Chase bank ATM services and about their location too. Exploring below you will get to know about the various ATM services and the way to their operations.

ATM or Automated Teller Machine, this is a common service provided by almost every bank worldwide including Chase Bank being the topmost bank of U.S. according to the Forbes which allows their customers to make various financial transactions such as check balances, making bank deposits or credit accounts and cash withdrawals etc.

ATM also enables withdrawal of cash in the foreign country. Conversion at financial institution’s exchange rate takes place in case the currency was withdrawn is different from the one where the bank account is denominated. Inserting a plastic card in the modern ATM, makes clear a customer identity or entering the personal identification number (PIN) similar to the PIN stored in the chip of the card.

Do You Know ?John Shepherd Barron, a Scottish citizen created the  ATM in 1965. One day he was unable to withdraw money from the bank as it was already closed because of one-minute delay. After this, he thought of an idea whereby money can be withdrawn 24 hours. Within the 2 years of this idea, he invented the ATM.

Visiting the ATM doesn’t solve your problem until you are unaware of the way to operate it. Through ATM, you can access various services like depositing and withdrawing of cash, transfer of funds, obtaining the account information which is available to you 24X7 without any interaction with the Bank staff.

Below, is the complete guide regarding the instructions to access the
Chase bank ATM services. You will get to know that “How can you carry out all of this services using the ATM (Automated Teller Machine)
Clicking on the above page, offer you the full-fledged step by step guide to operating your bank account through the nearest Chase Bank ATM. You can check the first look of the guide from the image shown above, from which it can be easily ascertained that How effectively and efficiently the instructions are provided even a layman can understand them. The key to success is “Work Smart instead of doing work hard”. So act smartly, Just go through the guide and after that, you will be able to utilize this service properly.

Do you know?  Close to 3.5 millions  ATMs are installed worldwide, according to the ATM Industry Association (ATMIA).  'Chase Bank'  which is America's number one bank not only operates there but also carry out its operations in 100 more nations with the same name. 

Chase Bank ATM Near Me

As you all know, ATM devices can be placed anywhere but they are frequently founded near the Banks, Shopping malls and various places where the customers required cash instantly. There are about 5,682 branches of Chase Bank having the second highest deposit of about $1.08 trillion after the Bank Of America.
However, there are numbers of ATMs located at different places.

Now, the general question which arises in everyone’s mind “How can you easily locate to the nearest ATM branch to you”??”Do really the nearest ATM is placed near to you – If yes, then how could you locate that??

Don’t worry at all, check out the article provided below. You will find that you’re every relevant query is acknowledged here.

For the easy access to your nearest ATM, we provide you here the ATM locator. It is a system which offers the correct location of the ATM near you with the congruency. Through this Chase Bank ATM near you can be evaluated in just a few seconds.
Go through the instructions presented below, this will clear your every doubt regarding the use of ATM locator. Since this is the fastest way to locate Chase Bank ATM near you.

All you need to do is, click on the image shown above and you will be immediately directed to the Chase Bank Locator. The first outlook of the website which you will see when directed to the locator is provided above. Just enter the location where you want to explore. This locator not only identifies the location of the ATM  situated near to you but also guide the average time required to reach there. With the help of this, you can easily manage your schedule.

You can enter the ZIP code of your location to locate yourself and the nearest ATM to you. For example:- If you want to know the near Chase bank ATM in California, then enter 9001. If you want to know the ZIP code of your region then you can find it here . If your GPS is connected then just click on to the current location. You will surely get the nearest ATM to you.

Do you know??  The height of world’s largest ATM is 14,300 above the sea level and it is placed in Nathu-La. Its operations are carried by Union Bank Of India and was installed on Indo- China border for the army personnel posted there.

Chase Banks Routing Number & Swift Code

SWIFT code for the Chase Bank has been made available to you here very clearly. Many of you heard about this but might be unknown about its basic concept. Read the below article and make yourself absolutely clear about the every minute detail related to the Chase Bank SWIFT code.

So, What Does term SWIFT CODE means??

SWIFT CODE which is alternatively known as Bank identifier code (BIC) now was earlier stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication code. It is used by the commercial banks for sending money to overseas banks.

The creation of SWIFT code is approved by the authoritative international organization body i.e, International Organization of Standardization (IOS). Only because of this, SWIFT code act as an internationally recognized bank code which acts as an identification code worldwide.

This code consists of 8-11 alphanumeric characters which are commonly used for international wire transfers. If it is consist of 11 characters, then it will be presented as shown below.

AAAA   BB    CC    DDD
First four letters (AAAA) :-   Consist of bank code (letters only)

Next 2 characters (BB) :- Consist of country code (letters only)

Next 2 characters (CC) :-    Presents the location code

Next 3 characters (DDD) :-  Presents the Branch code (“XXX”) (letters and digits)

The SWIFT code for JP Morgan Chase Bank is given as “CHASUS33XXX”.  You are required to apply this code while sending and receiving money to or from overseas. The bifurcation of this code between alphabets and numbers is done below. Through which you can easily understand.

Chase Bank SWIFT code / BIC code                       CHASUS33XXX
Postcode                                                                  10017

Do SWIFT code changes from Branch to Branch ?

For carrying on the international wire transfers through a bank, having its SWIFT code is a must thing. Transferring money or receiving it, is quite impossible without having the SWIFT code. As mentioned above, there are 5,682 branches of Chase Bank which are spread worldwide. Since, every of its branch consists of different SWIFT code.

When you browse over this site regarding the database of SWIFT code, you will also be satisfied to find the basic information regarding it.Click here to check the SWIFT code of different branches with their respective addresses. With the help of this, you can easily locate the bank too.

Difference Between Routing number, SWIFT code, and IBAN number

A SWIFT code/ BIC code is a code which is there to identify the international wire transfer by providing the identity to the bank. Whereas, the IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is used to identify both incoming and outgoing end of transfers of both the accounts.

These codes are taken into consideration by many countries from time to time. Within the European Union, they had been seen used for all the bank accounts and also in some other countries of Europe like Norway, Switzerland, and Hungary.

Where can I find more?

Since, all the relevant information is completely disclosed to you on this site, you need not roam anywhere else. Here, all the admissible details regarding the Bank Routing Number, Customer Services, Credit card services, Chase Bank ATM services, its customer support & SWIFT code are presented.

Moreover, the frequently asked questions which are asked by the Chase Bank users are bestowed below and the answers to such queries are also dispensed here. But even after that, you have any query left in your mind, you can ask it by stating in the comments. Your problem will be resolved as early as possible. Also, you can check over the links provided below for further information.

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