Chase Bank Routing Number California

Hello Chase Bank user, If you are wondering to find more about the Routing Number for Chase California branch then you are at the right place.

Yes!! You will get the answer for your every question here and can claim your Chase California Routing Number for more than 5000 Branches along with their locations and postal codes. With the help of this, you can easily access your nearest Branch and can also locate its headquarters.

California is the most populous and third-largest state situated in the Pacific Region of United States having Sacramento as its capital. Most of the Chase Branches are placed within the city of California.

You can easily get info about all of them from the article given below including a variety of interesting facts. An advantage is further provided thereof to copy the requisite code by pressing the button placed aside it. So, Just go through the information given below and it is guaranteed that you will find it to be valuable.

Chase Routing Number CA

As I told you above you can get here the Chase routing number for  CA(California).

If you had already read the main article then you must be well aware of the basic concept of Routing Number and its importance while making online transactions and even if you didn’t go through it yet then also you can use the Routing Number for your Chase Branch of California as the information is provided here while covering every single aspect.

Your every doubt will get clear after scrolling below. Here you go,



Routing Number for the Chase Bank of California is placed above with a copy button aside it. With the help of this, you can easily copy the code and can place it at the required location and can avoid making typing errors while using the code as any single mistake can interrupt the whole transaction.

This will comfort you while making online transactions as Routing Number is essential while making Fedwire funds transfers and depositing directly to the bank account by Federal Reserve Banks and Automated Clearing House respectively.

Chase Bank CA Routing Number

As you all must know routing number is a nine-digit code which is used all over the United States to identify where originally the account was opened. But you might be unaware of the bifurcation of the routing number i.e, they are bifurcated in the MICR format.

So, What is the MICR format in which this 9 digit code is presented?

Above the Routing Number for California is presented in the MICR format

where XXXX is  Federal Reserve Routing Symbol

                                      YYYY is ABA Institution Identifier,

                                      and C is the Check Digit.

The four digits (XXX) which are placed at the beginning of the code represents the symbol for which the Fedwire transfers are carried out.

Further, the next four numbers represented by (YYYY) act as an identifier which identifies the institution at which the account was opened and the last digit (C) is there to make a check over the whole number that’s why it is defined as the Check digit.

Chase Bank Locations in California

As you can directly use the code provided above but you can also ascertain your Branch Routing number from the bank itself. You can approach the bank for it. All you just need to do is contact the nearest Chase Bank Branch.

But Chase Bank is located in the number of states having its various branches across the cities. So, now the question arises out of 5000 branches of which one is really situated near to you??

So, in that case, you need not worry as you can locate the nearest Chase Bank California branch to you with the help of this locator. Here, you will also get the address for the respective branch along with information regarding their ATM and branch services.

Working hours of these branches can be easily ascertained through this so that you can determine the correct time to approach the bank.

Above, We had also shared with you the map so that you can easily locate the nearest Chase Bank branch to you in California. Clicking on it will directly redirect you to the map where you can search for the required branch location.

 The Routing Number for the Nationwide Bank’s is 044072324.

Final Words:-

At last, We had provided you the easiest way above to generate the Routing Number for Chase Bank California further carrying out wire transfers or making other online transactions.

California is the city having the most number of branches of Chase Bank, so for the sake of convenience of that customer’s information has been embedded here.

Hope so, that we had covered all the aspects regarding the Chase Routing California but in case you had left with any doubts in your mind then you can ask it in the comments below, your query will be guaranteed resolve as early as possible.

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