Customer is the Kingpin

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Any business in this world whether you consider the big multinational companies or the small street vendors, everyone thrives on the customers.

There is no business without customers

So, ultimately serving the customers becomes the ultimate goal of any business.
Providing them with the latest technologies and keeping them up to the trend is compulsory if you want to retain the customer for a longer period of time.

Now, talking about banks their only earning model is based on customers which are referred to as account holders in a bank.

Big banks like Chase Bank, Wells Fargo has kept the customer satisfaction their primary goal that’s why they have never compromised with new technologies in keeping the customer happy and relaxed.

They are constantly providing excellent offers and big earning chances for its customers through cashback on new cards etc.

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Do You know ?

“People who shopped at or stood near a luxury store were less likely to help people in need”